Chapin Xtreme Stainless Steel Sprayer

Chapin 19069 Stainless Steel Sprayer
Unique Tri-Lock Seal Feature That Locks the Pump Cap TightCompatible For Most Professional Concrete Applications and Extreme Chemicals Brass Pump, Wand, Nozzle and Shut-Off with Lock-On Feature for Continuous SprayiXtreme Seals and Gaskets Designed to Handle a Variety of Chemicals
Price: $264.85

Xtreme Stainless Steel Sprayer

  • 3.5 Gallon Tri-Poxy tank for durability and a 4" wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
  • Compatible for most professional concrete applications and extreme chemicals
  • Brass pump, wand, nozzle, and shut-off with lock-on feature for continuous spraying
  • Xtreme seals and gaskets designed to handle a variety of chemcials
  • Unique Tri-Lock seal feature that locks the pump cap tight
  • PSI - Operating Pressure: 40-60 psi
  • Spray Stream Max Vertical: 3'
  • Spray Stream Max Horizontal: 3'
  • Product #19069

Stainless Steel Sprayer Manual

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