Poly Armour 70

Poly Armour 70
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Poly Armour 70

  • 70% solids two component polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea utilizing nanotechnology
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio
  • Provides ultimate abrasion, impact and wear resistance far exceding many other applications
  • It's excellent penetrating and bonding capabilities provide many years of durability
  • Highly economical considering the days of labor that can be saved by using a one day application
  • Coverage: 200 - 300 square feet per gallon
  • Preparation: Any cracks or cuts can be filled with Quick Fix then grinded smooth with the substrate. Substrate must be grinded to allow the product to bond correctly. An Arrow Segmented Wheel can be used to achieve the correct profile
  • Primer Coat: Put down 1 coat of Poly Armour 70 Clear with a 1/4" Epoxy Glide roller nap with Thin Roller Gauges then cross roll with just a epoxy glide roller nap
  • Chip Coat/Pigment Coat: Apply 1 coat of Poly Armour 70 Short Filled & Armour Tint with a Epoxy Glide roller nap with Thin Roller Gauges. When throwing out the chips or quartz, spiked shoes must be worn such as Shoe In Spikes. After chip coat has dried a 24" Flexible Blade Smoother is used to scrape the excess chips.
  • Last coat: Roll out one more coat of Poly Armour 70 with a 5/16" Microplush Roller nap. You can use a dip and roll method with a Big Ben Tray or Wide Boy Bucket
  • Suggested Materials: Encore Mixing Containers, Onyx Gloves & Chip Brushes

Available Sizes

  • 2 Gallon Kit
  • 10 Gallon Kit

Poly Armour 70 Tech Sheet

Poly Armour 70 Part A SDS

Poly Armour 70 Part B SDS

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