Sedona Stone Magnetic Stamps

Proline Stamps Flagstone Seamless Pattern Stamps
Proline Concrete Flagstone Magnetic Concrete Stamps
Price: $3,500.00

Sedona Stone Magnetic Concrete Stamps

Product # SMP100-SET

  • Rotate stamps to create a different look every time
  • One of Proline's New Seamless Pattern Stamp
  • Magnets will automatically line up joints
  • Zero touch up work
  • Use the Sedona Flagstone Joint Skin and Sedona Flagstone Joint Texture Strip to help you on the job

Sold as Set Only

  • 3 Red Sedona Stone Seamless Magnetic Stamps
  • 3 Blue Sedona Stone Seamless Magnetic Stamps
  • Half Tool Sedona Stone Seamless Magnetic Stamp
  • 2 Sedona Touch Up Skins