Wall Mix

Stone Edge Surfaces Wall Mix
Price: $26.00

Wall Mix

  • A high-strength, polymer and proprietary additive enchanced, lightweight dry cement mix
  • Applies an average 3" and up to 5" thick
  • Typically applied 1/2" to 1" thick
  • Available in Gray or White
  • 50 lb. Bag
  • Uncomplicated, easy to apply and allows complete flexibility of design without the cost
  • One mix can easily create the realistic look of stack stone, rock, slate, brick, wood plank, limestone block and so much more...in far less time and hassle of installing stone veneer or even the real thing
  • Prime substrate with Primer 100
  • Add color with Liquid Color Packs
  • Coverage: 24 square feet at 1/4" thick

Wall Mix Tech Sheet

Wall Mix MSDS

How to Mix & Apply a Scratch Coat for Vertical Stamped Concrete

How to Mix Wall Mix

How To Do Vertical Stamped Concrete



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