Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops exhibit how limitless the possibilities are when it comes to concrete. They can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs limited only by imagination. Countertops can be colored integrally, polished, stained, or stamped. Various types of aggregate can be added to the mix to produce an amazing finish when the top surface is polished. One option is to use recycled glass that comes in a variety of sizes and shapes that can be added to the mix to give a unique look.
Concrete Countertops are popular among devout DIYers because it doesn’t take much work to set up a form and put concrete in it. While simple in theory, it takes years of research and practice to create a countertop that can be compared to granite. For those homeowners who want to give it a shot there are several products that are a must for concrete countertops. 
Tru-Pac C is a multi component admixture kit for converting a standard 65 lb. bag of concrete mix into a high performance, easy to finish concrete countertop mix.
If you are having trouble getting a smooth finish, we provide concrete countertop molds as well as sink molds that provide a glass like finish. 
To seal your finished concrete countertop, Richard James Specialty Chemicals Corp. makes an excellent countertop sealer. TK6, a water submersible with early water resistance, non-yellowing, low odor, fast dry and offers excellent blush resistance.
Once you get the basics of concrete countertops down the rest is up to your imagination. Whether you stain your countertop or put multiple colors of glass in the mix, you are sure to get a unique finish like no other.

DIY Rating - 6*

*We have developed the following rating scale based on the difficulty of the installation and steps involved. For those of you who are venturesome DIYers, this scale may help you rethink that project you had in mind and contact one of our trusted installers.

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