Chapin Sprayers; How to make them last the whole season

Submitted by Deco-Crete Supply on Mon, 09/14/2020 - 7:00am

Are you frustrated with the inconvenience and cost that come with repairing and replacing Chapin sprayers?  Then change how you care for your sprayer.

A few basic rules to operate by; 1) Never use your sprayer to store sealer or solvents, 2) Clean out your sprayer can, hose, and tip after each use, 3) Leave the plunger out of the sprayer after cleaning to reduce risk of gaskets swelling from residual solvents.

Leaving acrylic sealer in the sprayer, hose, and shut off (trigger) leads to failure of the red epoxy paint liner and permanent clogs in the hose and/or shut off, requiring costly replacement.  Removing the plunger and dumping the sealer out of the sprayer drum by flipping the sprayer can is the most common method of emptying the sealer from the sprayer.  It is a fast method but requires a large funnel to pour the sealer through to get it back into the 5-gallon bucket for storage, makes a mess, and causes unnecessary clean up.  A cleaner method that reduces the mess, removes all acrylic from the hose and shut off, and eliminates the need to have a funnel is simply to pump up the sprayer, remove the tip from the sprayer wand (allowing unrestricted product flow), and spray the sealer back into the 5-gallon bucket.  Simply place the end of the sprayer wand through the sealer can spout then pull the trigger, sealer will flow quickly without restriction from the nozzle tip. Tilt the sprayer so the remaining sealer will run towards the outlet tube, ensuring all sealer is removed. Continue pressurizing the sprayer until the sealer is removed.

This next step is the most important.  Flush your sprayer can, hose, shut off (trigger), and tip with solvents to completely remove any acrylic that could solidify in the components rendering them useless.  Our preferred solvents for this are Liquid Bubble Gum Release or Mineral Spirits.  Xylene is also an option.  We prefer Liquid Bubble Gum Release and/or Mineral Spirits because they are petroleum based and leave an oily residue behind which in turn keeps the components lubricated.  Xylene is a “dry” solvent that will not leave an oily residue behind and when left in the sprayer will soften the red epoxy paint lining.  Xylene will however adequately clean the acrylic residue from the sprayer and components.

A quart of any of the three suggested solvents is enough to adequately clean your sprayer.  Simply remove the plunger from the top of the sprayer and pour the solvent into the can.  Reinstall the plunger, ensuring you seal it completely.  Begin vigorously shaking the sprayer in different directions to be sure you remove all the sealer residue inside the can. At this time put the wand tip back on. Pressurize the sprayer and spray all the solvent through the lines into a container so you can reuse the solvent for cleaning out your sprayer in the future.  You should be able to reuse this same solvent several times before you need to replace it with fresh solvent.  At this point it is recommended to remove the plunger from the sprayer, allowing all solvent to freely evaporate from inside the can. This will reduce the effects of any trapped solvents from swelling the gaskets, extending the useful life of.

By cleaning and doing regular maintenance on your Chapin Sprayer cans then you will be saving yourself time and money. No extra runs to the store or time spent trying to clean & replace each part.

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