Extend the Life of Your Chapin Industrial Sprayer

Submitted by Deco-Crete Supply on Mon, 09/07/2020 - 7:00am

We hear this more often than we should, "Im tired of spending money and time on parts to fix my sealer sprayer!" Here are some tips on keeping your Chapin Sprayers in excellent operating condition, making them last longer, and saving you time and money. 

Each use of the sprayer will contribute to product build up on gaskets and plunger which in turn causes air to leak out. If air is leaking out, then you will not have the proper pressure to spray sealer. After each use take a clean rag with xylene on it and clean the plunger and plunger seal as well as the area where the plunger O-ring rest in the sprayer can. 

Pouring sealer into the sprayer drum can be a very messy process. Most 5-gallon drums of sealer have a spout to pour through. Ensure the spout is at the top when tipping over the can. If you pour with the spout closest to the throat of the sprayer it causes air to get trapped behind the sealer and tends to splatter sealer all over the rim of the sprayer where the seal needs to create an airtight barrier.

After the sealer has been poured into the sprayer drum clean off the rim of the sprayer. If you don't clean up the rim, then you will have sticky build up on the sprayer, the rim, the plunger gasket/seal, and possibly cause pressure issues. Best practice is to always have a jug of xylene on hand for cleanup. Pour a small amount of xylene into a clean container (such as a bucket or 5-10 quart measuring container). Saturate a clean rag in the xylene, squeeze some of the xylene out of the rag, and proceed to off any sealer splatter on the exterior of the sprayer drum, especially the rim where the plunger rest. Before placing the plunger back onto the sprayer can wipe down again with a clean rag and xylene. 

Taking these proactive steps will ensure your sprayers will last longer and, in the end, save you time and money. 

For more tips and techniques check out www.techniqueoftheweek.org