Acid Stain

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Acid Stain
Acid Stain
Kemiko Stone Tone Stain System
Kemiko Stone Tone Stain System

An acid base, reactive stain. Interior/exterior reactive stain is low and zero VOC, UV reistant and will not chip, fade or peel. Formulated to chemically bond with the concrete to create permanent, unique colors that stimulate the look of natural stone and marble.

  • Stain is concentrated and can be diluted with water to create variations in color intensity
  • Earth tone rich color palette

Recommended Concrete Surface Profile

CSP-3 (light abrasive blast), CSP-4 (medium blast) or CSP-5 (medium/heavy blast)

Coverage & Size

Approximately 400 - 800 square feet per gallon, 1 Concentrated Gallon Jug


Poly Armour, Liquid Metals and any other 2-part product sold by Deco-Crete Supply is intended for certified professional contractor use only. The installer must have completed our training for the specific system being used. Any person or business that chooses to forgo certified contractor installation and attempts to install these products on a “do it yourself” basis is fully responsible for any mishaps and/or failure of the system during and after the installation process.



Aqua Blue Acid Stain 

  • Soft, Ocean Blue with Green Undertones
Acid Stain - Aqua Blue Acid Stain
Additional Info

Concentrated and will usually achieve colors close to those shown on the color chart when mixed at 1:1 with water. However, all concrete surfaces are different, and yours may react differently. To achieve a lighter color, you may add more water to dilute the stain, and to achieve a darker color, add less water to the stain. Always color test an inconspicuous area.