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Deco-Crete Supply Deco-Film
Deco-Crete Supply Deco-Film
  • Highly concentrated water-based evaporation retardant for use on all types of concrete surfaces
  • Prevents rapid moisture loss caused by warm, windy or dry conditions and working in direct sun light
  • Reduces stickiness, cracking, plastic shrinkage, wind crusting and sponginess which can result in a poor finished appearance
  • Coverage Rate: 200 - 400 square feet per gallon

Additional Info

Deco Film

Mixing: A concentrated formula that should be diluted prior to application. The mix ratio for Deco-Film is 1:11 (1 quart makes 3 gallons). Pour entire contents of this cnotainer into a 3 gallon or larger pump-up sprayer and fill the sprayer to the 3 gallon mark with clean water. Mix or shake well.

Application: Apply with a pump-up garden sprayer or power sprayer. A sprayer tip that produces a flow rate of a half gallon per minute is recommended Spray a fine mist onto the surface of plastic concrete, preferably on the bleed water. Avoid applying Deco-Film in excessive quantities or creating puddles. Treated areas are easily distinguished by a fugitive dye. Once the surface has dried, the color will disappear.