FritzPak Mini Delayed Set

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FritzPak Mini Delayed Set
Fritz-Pak Mini Delayed Set
  • A dry powdered admixture, packaged in a ready-to-use water soluble bag
  • Small bag of retarder for emergencies, small concrete batches, concrete pump hoppers or for wash water stabilization
  • Concrete may be kept in a plastic state for reuse or extended delivery times
  • Saves labor, equipment and freight costs by eliminating disposal of waste concrete
  • No need for expensive reclaimer/recycler units and their high maintenance costs
  • Reduces labor costs required for chipping set concrete out of mixer drums when used after each load
  • Reduces the amount of water required for wash down
  • Decreases environmental problems due to the disposal of waste concrete and residual concrete wash water
  • No need for admixture dispensers because Mini Delayed Set is packaged in a patented water-soluble Fritz-Pak inner bag for convenient use at the plant or job site
  • Compatible with all air-entraining admixtures, calcium chloride and other admixtures (When used with other admixtures, each one must be dispensed separately into the mix)
  • Coverage: One bag delays one yard of concrete for one hour


FritzPak Mini Delayed Set