FritzPak NCA

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FritzPak NCA
Fritz-Pak NCA (non-chloride accelerator)
  • A non-chloride accelerator in powdered form. It is packaged in water soluble bags for easy addition to concrete ready mix trucks
  • It shortens set times while increasing early compressive strength
  • Does not contain calcium chloride or any other materials that promote corrosion in steel
  • Speeds up concrete set time
  • Provides higher early strength
  • NCA does not promote steel corrosion
  • Dosage can be increased for faster acceleration
  • NCA can be easily stored for use as needed
  • Can be used in all weather
  • The need for protection and heating of concrete in cold climates is reduced or eliminated
  • Allows faster reuse and stripping of forms
  • Suitable for all types of concrete
  • NCA is packaged in a patented water-soluble Fritz-Pak inner bag for convenient use at the plant or job site
  • Compatible with most concrete admixtures (when used with other admixtures, each one should be dispensed separately into the mix)
  • Coverage: Dosage rate varies depending on temperature and the amount of acceleration desired. Increased dosages provide higher acceleration rates. Recommended dosage is 1-3 bags per cubic yard of concrete
FritzPak NCA