Texture Enhancer (AnTIQUE Agent)

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Deco-Crete Supply Texture Enhancer
Deco-Crete Supply Texture Enhancer

Deco-Crete Texture Enhancer is a Proprietary Blend of pigments, cement and carrying agents. When mixed with water, Texture Enhancer, when applied properly, will settle in the low areas of the concrete or overlay enhancing the look of the texture surface. 

  • Sprayable or brush applied 
  • Ability to control the amount of accent color applied to stamped concrete 
  • Add accent color to to old or new stamped/textured concrete and overlays
  • Color matched to Deco-Crete Antique release agents


1500-2500 square feet per container 


Add 1 scoop of Deco-Crete Texture Enhancer for every one gallon water


Customer Reviews 
"I am very pleased with the result. Was very easy to apply!" 

Texture Enhancer (AnTIQUE Agent) - Black TE



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