Poly Armour 90 Low Odor

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Poly Armour 90 Low Odor
Poly Armour 90 Low Odor

A super low odor polyaspartic polyurea ideal for spaces where time and odor is of great concern. Provides a high gloss clear coating and its superior penetration and bonding strength can provide years of abrasion, impact, and wear resistance.

  • Long pot life and quick return to service provides comfort and labor cost savings for contractors
  • UV stability allows this to be used in areas saturated by the sun throughout the day
  • Can be tinted for solid color applications
  • Please review the tech sheet prior to application.  

Coverage (This product must be applied per the coverage specifications below)

  • First Coat: 250 - 300 square feet per gallon
  • Optional Second Coat: 275 - 325 square feet per gallon
  • Over Media: 175 - 225 square feet per gallon


Poly Armour, Liquid Metals and any other 2-part product sold by Deco-Crete Supply is intended for certified professional contractor use only. The installer must have completed our training for the specific system being used. Any person or business that chooses to forgo certified contractor installation and attempts to install these products on a “do it yourself” basis is fully responsible for any mishaps and/or failure of the system during and after the installation process.


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Poly Armour 90 Low Odor - 2 Gallon Kit
Additional Info

The concrete surface must be deemed mechanically and structurally sound, completely clean and dry. Expected workable pot life after mixing Part A and Part B is approximately 45-60 minutes at a common temperature range of 70 degrees F to 80 degrees F at roughly 50% relative humidity. 



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