Citrus Degreaser

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Deco-Crete Supply Citrus Degreaser
Deco-Crete Supply Citrus Degreaser

An environmentally safe, citrus based, biodegradable, concentrated concrete degreaser and cleaner designed to remove even the toughest deposits of dirt, grease, grime, oil stains, and other contaminating fluids from concrete surfaces. 

  • Pleasant citrus scent is less abrasive on the senses than many similar cleaners
  • Formulated as an economical, concentrated solution which can be diluted up to 1:10 with water
  • Safe for use with most mechanical scrubbing machines and cleaning equipment
  • Biodegradable solution that easily dissolves hydrocarbons such as grease and motor oils

Coverage & Size

100 - 150 square feet per gallon, 1 gallon Jug

Citrus Degreaser
Additional Info

Effective on applications such as broom concrete, smooth finish concrete, pavers, driveways, sidewalks & patios, garage & warehouse floors and many other concrete or masonry surfaces with tough stains that need to be removed. 

*Although Citrus Degreaser is a biodegradable product, it may still pose a threat to plant life.