No. 900 Mold Release

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No. 900 Mold Release
No. 900 Mold Release
  • Highly versatile mold release paste for manufacturers who require the best
  • Professionally formulated for durability
  • No hard rubbing or machine buffing necessary
  • For both normal hand lay-up and spray-up molding
No. 900 Mold Release
Additional Info


  • Surface should not be hot or cold to the touch
  • Apply thin amount of No. 900 to a chemically clean mold surface with a clean, soft cloth or applicator pad and allow product to dry to a haze
  • Hand buff with another clean cotton or microfiber towel until a clear, high gloss appears
  • For new molds and molds with poor surfaces, apply up to 3 coats
  • Re-wax and buff production molds as required
  • Excellent results may be obtained by a light application of No. 900 over polyvinyl alcohol mold release to reduce part clean up