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Poly Armour WB Epoxy
Poly Armour WB Epoxy

A specially formulated, low odor, two component, water-based epoxy primer for interior use. Provides substrate penetration and is a suitable primer for most epoxies, urethanes, polyureas and polyaspartic polyureas.

  • Excellent substrate wetting & penetration
  • Superior adhesion strength for a bond coat
  • Fast cure system with reduced re-coat times
  • Low odor


200 - 300 square feet per gallon @ 2-3 mils

Mix Ratio



Poly Armour, Liquid Metals and any other 2-part product sold by Deco-Crete Supply is intended for certified professional contractor use only. The installer must have completed our training for the specific system being used. Any person or business that chooses to forgo certified contractor installation and attempts to install these products on a “do it yourself” basis is fully responsible for any mishaps and/or failure of the system during and after the installation process.

WB Epoxy - 2 Gallon Kit



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