Deco-Crete Integral Colors

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Deco-Crete Supply Color Iron Oxide Pigment
Deco-Crete Supply Color Iron Oxide Pigment
Deco-Crete Integral Colors
Deco-Crete Integral Colors

An iron oxide pigment mixed to integrally color concrete by the cubic yard.

  • Rapid dispersion in the mix
  • UV-resistant color
  • Each color individually weighed for consistent color batch to batch
  • Great for smooth trowel concrete, broom finish concrete, countertops, walls and stamped concrete


Sold by the yard


Pick between 6 sack or 6-1/2 sack mix

Product #LC-1216

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Deco-Crete Liquid Integral Colors - 6 Sack Mix, Overcast Liquid Color
Additional Info


  • Use the same mix design, water content and mixing time to ensure consistent color from batch to batch
  • Every job should be a minimum cement content of 6 sacks per cubic yard and maximum 4" slump
  • Color can be added at any time to the concrete but is recommended at the concrete plant
  • Additional water should be kept at a minimum 


  • Do not use Calcium Chloride
  • Plasticizers, water reducers and air entraining products are designed for colored concrete may be used. 


  • Do not cover, fog or wet cure colored surfaces.