Stain Protector WB

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Deco-Crete Supply Stain Protector WB
Deco-Crete Supply Stain Protector WB

A penetrating stain protector for polished concrete floors.

  • Deep penetrating and highly durable
  • Provides superior resistance to stains from water and food materials
  • UV stable and breathable material that will not peel, flake, discolor or yellow
  • Non-flammable and water based formula for easy indoor use


2,000 - 3,000 square feet per gallon

Stain Protector WB - 5 Gallon
Additional Info

Effective on applications such as restaurants and office spaces, grocery and retail stores, warehouses and storage buildings, polishing systems, terrazzo flooring, trowelled concrete, semi-polished concrete and many other concrete floor applications where a water based stain guard is specified. 


  • Lightly wet a clean microfiber mop pad with Stain Protector WB. Wring out excess to ensure pad is only damp.
  • Use a 1949 Concrete Sprayer and apply a light spray over an area only from one control joint to another
  • Maintain a wet edge using the damp microfiber mop pad, immediately spread the Stain Protector WB to produce an even, thin coating
  • Stop spreading as drying occurs and avoid overlapping
  • Allow to dry up to 60 minutes or until tack free



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