Deco Liquid Release

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Deco-Crete Supply Liquid Bubble Gum Release
Deco-Crete Supply Liquid Bubble Gum Release

A bubble gum scented colorless liquid release agent specially formulated as a bond breaker between freshly poured concrete and decorative tools such as stamp mats, texture skins, stencils, etc.

  • Special formula creates an unmatched barrier between tools and the fresh concrete surface
  • Bubble gum scent makes this release agent pleasant to work with
  • Evaporation and no clean up makes this product economical and easy to use


150 - 200 square feet per gallon

Deco Liquid Release - 1 Gallon
Additional Info

Apply liberally using a solvent resistant pump up sprayer in a mist fashion to the texturing tools to be used and the concrete surface, but only on the area where the next few texture mats or stencil will go. It is recommended to apply only over an area of about 10-20 square feet at a time to avoid evaporation of the release agent. 

*Never trowel the release agent into the freshly placed concrete surface as the correct method of fixing a blemish is to use a matching texturing skin to imprint and fix that area.