3 Jet Ankle Biter Gun

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3 Jet Ankle Biter Gun
3 Jet Ankle Biter Gun
  • Stainless steel hopper for lifetime usage
  • Powder coated handles with carbide grit for optimal grip
  • Jets of solid brass are removable and easily cleanable
  • Made to use with you 5 hp, 7 cfm @ 90 psi or larger compressor
  • Faster and easier than hand troweling
  • Costs much less than a stucco pump
  • Comes with 2 sizes of jets to match your compressor size
3 Jet Ankle Biter Gun
Additional Info

Materials You Can Spray: traditional portland cement, stucco, fibered stucco, monokote mk-6, premixed GFRC, papercrete and earthen mixes, clay mixes

Work Great On: houses, walls & fences, surface bonded block, ponds, waterfalls & swimming pools, sculptures & play structures, decorative concrete & faux rock, ferro-cement construction, SCIPS, strawbale structures and earth structures