D-Guard WB 309

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D-Guard WB 309
D-Guard WB 309

A non-yellowing, water-based product designed for curing and sealing applications. A penetrating and breathable coating that provides a satin or low gloss finish to a multitude of interior & exterior horizontal or vertical concrete and masonry finishes

  • Perfect for low ventilated areas where low VOC's and no fumes are required
  • Non-yellowing formula assures product's superior resistance to the elements
  • Deep penetrating and ultra low viscosity formula allows for easy applicaion through sprayers
  • Superior efflorescence and alkali resistance 


5 gallon Pail


  • New, Unsealed Concrete: 200 - 250 square feet per gallon
  • Old, Sealed Concrete: 350 - 400 square feet per gallon
D-Guard WB 309
Additional Info

Concrete surface must be clean and free of all contaminants and water. Do not apply if rain is forecasted within 24 hours. Substrate temperature must be no less than 40 degrees F and not exceed 80 degrees F.