Bendable Z Poolform

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Bendable Z Poolform
Bendable Z Poolform

A reusable PVC form used to create decorative concrete copings for swimming pools.

  • Interchangeable form liners will allow for a variety of different edge profiles and textures
  • Can be used with vinyl liner, fiberglass or concrete pools
  • The bendable form will conform to as small as a 6" radius
  • These forms create a 3" tall concrete coping
  • With the receiver track or liner track (vinyl liner pools only) the finished height will be approximately 3-3/8" above the pool wall
  • Liners are sold separately
  • Remove forms easily and help prevent damage with the Extractor Tool

Package Includes 

  • Eight 8' (64 linear feet)
    • Includes the base form and the back piece

Product #BPF-001

Bendable Z Poolform
Additional Info

Compatible With

  • Z Poolform Receiver Track (RT-001 & BRT-001)
  • Cardinal HZ and H3 liner tracks (for vinyl liner pools)
  • Cinderella HM-1 liner track (for vinyl liner pools)