Wet Cast Concrete Countertops




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For this 2 day training class we will be going over pour in place and poured upside down countertops! Learn how to build a mold or form, polish the concrete countertop and the mix design. We will also be covering the different options for sealing your concrete countertop. 

Discounted class price is good til December 29th, 2021. The class price will increase on December 30th, 2021.



-Jeff Hershberger


Deco-Crete Supply
690 Harrison Drive
Columbus, OH 43204
United States

No Experience Needed
Hands On Training
DIY Friendly
Class Includes
Light Breakfast
Potential Job Leads
Full Lunch
Certificate of Completion
Tech Support from Deco-Crete Staff After Class
About the Instructors

Jeff Hershberger

Snowboarding was always one of Jeff's passions. In the late 90's Jeff figured out that as an instructor, not only could he do what he loved for free, they would also pay him for it! This started a string of several years where he would head off to Vermont for the winter and live the life he loved, doing what he loved, and the head back home after the season ended.

It was during this late spring through early fall part of the year that he became exposed to the world of concrete. His first "concrete" job was in Florida forming, pouring, and finishing tie beams on houses. At this point he was just doing it for the money.

Fast forward several years. Jeff had grown to love the lifestyle of snowboarding every day, and his joy of instructing had started to flourish, but came to the realization that he was also tired of being broke. So, he committed to learning the concrete trade full time. Over several years his understanding and skill in placing and finishing gray concrete grew, but still he was just doing it for the money. 

In 2005 one of Jeff's relatives approached him about doing a textured concrete project. Jeff did not have any experience with decorative concrete, so he was a little hesitant at first. His cousin did some research and decided he for sure wanted to try it. So, Jeff helped him out. And after that he found a new love in decorative concrete.

Along the way he ran into an old acquaintance, Jason Geiser, and even helped him out on a few jobs. At that time Jason was installing more and more decorative concrete. In 2006 Jason started Deco-Crete Supply with a mission to bring training and technical support to other contractors that wanted to learn how to successfully install decorative concrete. 

Jeff joined the Deco-Crete Supply family in 2012 and has now been reunited with his passion of teaching, doing something he loves, and now for something much more valuable than just money.