Concrete Overlays

If you are tired of looking at the gray concrete on your back patio or front porch and want to dress it up without breaking the bank, a concrete overlay may be just what you are looking for. Anytime a surface is coated with a cementious material it is known as an overlay. Overlays consist of a polymer modified cementious material that adheres to virtually any properly prepared surface while maintaining the properties of concrete. The following video gives a good explanation of the various types of overlays.

Not only can overlays be applied over concrete but virtually any surface. If you have a wood deck that you are tired of staining and sealing there is an overlay system you can put overtop to cut down on maintenance. From Formica countertops to vertical walls there is hardly a surface that can be coated.
Flex-C-Ment is a leading manufacturer of concrete overlays plus vertical concrete. Whether looking to have your concrete repaired or enhance an existing surface with a decorative overlay, Flex-C-Ment's full line of products provide durability and functionality while creating a unique finish. 

DIY Rating - 9*

*We have developed the following rating scale based on the difficulty of the installation and steps involved. For those of you who are venturesome DIYers, this scale may help you rethink that project you had in mind and contact one of our trusted installers.

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