Liquid Metals & Poly Armour Training

April 4th & 5th, 2019

Stone Edge Surfaces Overlay Training

May 2nd & 3rd


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Liquid Metals Metallic Pack
8 oz jar to be mixed with a 3 gallon kit of Electric Epoxy 100% Epoxy = Extreme Durability Seamless flooring with no grout lines Easy to clean and maintain Limitless color options

Trainings & Events

Has your company noticed the growth of the Decorative Concrete Industry? Today's growing demand for Decorative Concrete calls for the most superior materials and techniques. Deco-Crete Supply continues to contribute to the industry's growth through researching, field-testing, and presenting only the best products and service to our customers. At Deco-Crete Supply you will find that our field experience in decorative concrete will provide you with fast and accurate answers to any technical questions, helping to shorten the learning curve.

Featured Trainings & Events

Join us for this two day training covering Floor Prep, Liquid Metals Metallic Epoxy, Poly Armour Chip Systems, Top Coats and much more.

If you want to learn how you can tap into this expanding market, join us for this two day training where we will go over the following: Repair Mortars, Knockdown Finishes, Stamped Overlays, Vertical Concrete, Stenciling, and Staining