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Contractor Sales-Columbus

 Contractor Sales are expected to be customer relation experts. Customer relations will provide industry leading technical support, know their products, know their pricing, keep their promises, ensure the company delivers on our mission of adding value to our customers. They will execute their Scorecard deliverables. Commitment to our mission will be lived out by their embracing established protocols and procedures for day-to-day operations of their store location, ensuring a great customer experience. This role reports directly to their Store Lead. 


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Employment Photo

Deco-Crete Supply 10 Core Values

1) Trusting each other makes us stronger. 
2) Kill it with service and tech support. 
3) Positive attitudes lead to positive outcomes. 
4) Good is the enemy of great
5) We get sh*t done. 
6) We say yes to fun.
7) Humble on the outside confident on the inside. 
8) If we are not growing and getting better, we are getting worse. 
9) Stubborn Refusal to quit. 
10) People First. 



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