Decorative Concrete 101

When it comes to concrete many people are unaware of its capabilities. All they know is that it’s the hard gray stuff that their driveway is made of. The fact is for the past 100 years contractors and artists alike have found concrete to be an excellent medium that can be manipulated in virtually thousands of ways. From countertops to vertical surfaces the only limiting factor when it comes to concrete is imagination.

Today the decorative concrete industry is flourishing as people are beginning to see the elaborate finishes that can be achieved. Decorative concrete not only provides the durability and longevity that are associated with the properties of a concrete surface, but allows the end user to express their own personal touch through the array of patterns and colors that are available. Another attractive feature of decorative concrete is the relatively low cost when compared to other materials. When you begin to look at your back patio as an investment for your future, chances are you want something that is going to last and be virtually maintenance free, and stamped concrete provides both.

In order for Homeowners to gain a better understanding of the practices associated with decorative concrete, we at DecoCrete believe that education is vital. To give our industry the good name and reputation it deserves contractors must be up to speed with the latest products and techniques, and you, the homeowner, need to be aware of some things to look for before making your decorative concrete investment.
The "Learn More" links have been designed with you, the Homeowner, in mind. We have tried our best to create a page that gives a brief overview of the main kinds of decorative concrete and the steps involved. By providing a “Decorative Concrete 101” page we hope to inform you of the many options that are available for any upcoming projects you may have.

DIY Rating Scale

We have developed the following rating scale based on the difficulty of the installation and steps involved. For those of you who are venturesome DIYers, this scale may help you rethink that project you had in mind and contact one of our trusted installers.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Simple       Not Rocket Science,
Not 1 + 1
        Call the Contractor




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