Reduce Frustration When Installing Stencils

Submitted by Deco-Crete Supply on Wed, 12/04/2019 - 12:38pm

Like the look of stenciled concrete but finding it too time consuming? We have a method to reduce the time needed to place the stencil onto the fresh concrete. More than likely you are spending time rolling out the stencil, cutting the stencil then moving to the next row which can be really a bit slow. When you purchase most stencil rolls, they are approximately 36" in width, so that is a lot of cutting and rolling; especially when trying to cover a large area. Generally, you are forming the job prior to the actual placement of the concrete, thus you will know the measurements of the surface to be stenciled. First measure out the length of the area and then roll out the stencil to that same measurement plus some extra so it will over lap the forms slightly. Now roll out another section of stencil to the same measurement.

Now you are ready for step 2 where you will be combining your cut pieces of stencil. You will staple each piece of pre-cut stencil to one another, making sure that they line up correctly. Staple every 16" to hold the stencils together. Also, when stapling or combining strips of stencils make sure the smooth sides are facing the same way. Adding too many precut stencils together can be overwhelming and could cause sagging when laying the stencil on the wet surface. Roll up the combined stencil pieces and set aside for the day of the pour. 

By stapling or combining the strips of stencil you are ensuring little to no movement when floating the concrete surface. This procedure can be done the day before so you are prepped and ready to go day of the pour. 

Reasons to use a stencil on your concrete surface

  • Crisp joint/grout lines
  • Perfect for a new brick look
  • Match existing brick or stone
  • No need to be on the slab since everything is done from outside the forms (designing and texturing)

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